During your design consultation, a Southern Charm Interiors expert will take a comprehensive look at:

Where you've been.
Where you are now.
and Where you want to be!


With our experience, personal touch, and full range of services, we can map out a plan that works for you and your budget.

Basic Services:

  •     space planning
  •     color schemes
  •     furniture
  •     paint and wallpaper
  •     window coverings
  •     fabrics
  •     flooring and carpeting
  •     lighting
  •     art objects
  •     hardware fixtures
  •     plants
  •     accessories (vases, cushions, bookends)


Additional Services:

  •     obtaining cost estimates
  •     showing samples to clients (e.g. colors, fabrics, tiles)
  •     scheduling the work to be done
  •     arranging and overseeing painting, wallpapering, flooring, etc
  •     shopping for and placing orders for items and materials
  •     coordinating deliveries
  •     ensuring decorating plan is put into action and runs smoothly until completion


Joanna Parker

Joanna Parker the owner of Southern Charm Interiors has carved out her own niche in the design world. She has spent 12 years implementing an innovative approach to helping her clients achieve the environment they want and need.


Joanna's projects have sent her throughout the country including California, Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Virginia, New Mexico, and all over the state of Texas. She has done work with numerous country music artists, music producers, song writers, Casinos, Hotels/ Resorts, offices, Lobbyists in Austin, world renown actors, CNN anchors, as well as hard working Moms and Dads, singles, and people "needing to start over".


One thing you can count on from Joanna is regardless of the price, size of the home or size of the project, you will receive the same passion, enthusiasm, and dedication that has made her one of the most successful designers today. Joanna Parker will take care of you with tenacity and a "I can do it all attitude"


"Would I recommend Joanna to my friends?? Without a doubt I would not hesitate!!  Choosing a designer is a difficult decision. You are going strictly on faith that they can do the job. Joanna is a frue professional, and she can be trusted to stand by her word. I will use Joanna for all of my design needs in this and future residences. She turned my house into a HOME!!"

- jane adams

"I really can't speak highly enough about Southern Charm Interiors and Joanna Parker. My house had become boring and was in desperate need of a change, I just didn't know what it needed and of course I didn't want to break the bank doing it. By just talking and listening to me to get a basic sense of my likes and dislikes, Joanna quickly came up with a brilliant new vision for my home. She worked amazingly well with my budget and allowed me to be very flexible with the timing of the changes to accommodate my schedule. 

It's really so much more than just new paint or floors or furniture. It's a complete design strategy, well executed at every turn."

-Ken Lentz